Enrolling in Your first class

Academy Address: 11220 Hillsborough Ave, Tampa FL 

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Welcome to the Moura Academy where the focus in on you. When you first walk into the school you will notice a few things; First, everyone is here to make you better at Jiu Jitsu and we know the better we make you the better we will be. Second, everyone is friendly. Third, the school is a clean state of the art facility! When you enter the first time you will be greeted by students and by instructors. Please let them know right away that this is your first time at the Academy. You will also be introduced to your ambassador. Your assigned ambassador will be your partner for your first few lessons as you get to know the other students. You will join in class and get to see what the game is all about. You will also get to feel Jiu Jitsu. Your ambassador and instructors are here for you. Please take time to ask as many questions as you can.

After class an instructor or director will go over the program options and enroll you into the Academy.

What to Expect-Your First Class

We are here to make you feel at home. From the first time you visit the Academy you will notice our atmosphere is a little different. Often times Jiu Jitsu schools are comprised of “tough” guys that are more into training themselves then helping you, the student, begin a journey of a life time. At the Robson Moura Academy you will know instantly you are the focus. Robson is a 7 time world champion. He already knows how good he is and he will not try and imposes upon you anything other then his willingness to be your teacher. You do not care how many times he was won the world championship. You care about how much he cares about you. Robson is here to help!

Instructors are also available for your private lesson needs. From time to time several assistant instructors will run class. Robson is still an active competitor. He competes in all the major tournaments throughout the year. He also is in demand for seminars around the globe. He has hand picked a small dedicated group of very capable instructors that will show you all the dedication he shows.

At the Academy you can visit, watch a class, meet the teacher and ask questions before ever getting on the mat. We hope you choose to get on the mat your first visit but first and for most you need to understand our commitment to you!

What to Wear for Your First Class

There is no need for a BJJ gi (the heavy uniform we were to train in) your first lesson will be no-gi. You will be giving a brand new Official Robson Moura Academy gi upon enrolling. Just wear some long shorts and t-shirt.

Hygiene is very important

Please ensure your finger and toe nails are well-groomed. You should also remove any jewelry prior to arrival.

Step on the Matt

After warm-ups, you and your ambassador will go to your own section of the mats to start learning.

Position Control Submission

One of the core principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is “position-control-submission”. By “position” is meant the relative position of your body to your opponent’s. By control you need to control an aspect of your opponent that is: an arm, leg, wrist, or neck. By “submission” is meant an action that causes your opponent to submit (surrender), such as an arm lock or choke.

Some Basic Rules

* No striking, punching or kicking
* No eye gouging or hair pulling
* No twisting or grabbing fingers
* No slamming (picking someone up and dropping them)
* No heel hooks (twisting the foot or knee)
* No neck cranks

After Class

Ask questions, as many as you want.

Student Requirements for class

Yes gi
White belts are required to wear a clean and washed white gi with Academy patches over Rash guard or Academy t-shirt.

Blue belts and above are required to wear any color clean and washed gi with the pants and top of same color with Academy patches over Rash guard or Academy t-shirt.

No gi
All are required to wear a clean and washed long sleeve Robson Moura Academy rash guard, gi pants, or grappling shorts.

Optional strongly recommended equipment: knee pads, mouthpiece, and cup and supporter.

Remember we are a martial arts Academy that teaches Jiu Jitsu our environment is that which builds upon a martial arts tradition.

When entering the Academy you are required to collect your attendance card located to the left as you enter the training floor. Please take this card and give to your instructor. If your attendance card is missing please inform your instructor. We will remove your card if there is an administrative requirement that needs to be met or a message that needs to be passes onto you.

Ambassador duties

Only a few students will be selected to be ambassadors for the Academy. This is one of the most important positions in the Academy. He or she will welcome all visitors and introduce him self or her self to all who comes into the school. Ambassadors also get to be the primary training partner of new students. Ambassadors also help the new students feel at home, answering any questions about the Academy or Jiu Jitsu, and making sure they feel part of the family.

Belt promotion requirements

Brazilian JuJitsu is a very individual sport. No two people perform every move the same. Therefore, the requirements for a rank are not the same for everyone. Student A could learn 4 certain sweeps and sweep everyone. Student B could learn 4 different sweeps and use those 4 different sweeps to enjoy the same success as student A. That is where a great teacher comes in. Robson is a master instructor. He can look at your game and modify everything to fit you, your body, and ability. He then evaluates your performance base on you! Not what other people are doing. So is there a curriculum for Jiu Jitsu? No, not in the traditional sense. There are requirements and performance goals, but there is no way to show you a piece of paper and say this is what you need to know for each rank.

Private Lessons

Robson really believes in private lessons. Jiu Jitsu is a game of finesse and feel. Sometimes students practice positions incorrectly while the moves works on their partner in class when they change partners the moves and positions no longer work? When Robson or one of his black belts are your partner, you will not be able to practice any positions incorrectly. They will demand that all is done correctly every time. This helps you get better fast!

Please Click here for more information about Private Lessons