Promotions in Ribeirão Preto São Paulo, Brazil

Congratulations to everyone who was promoted today by Master Robson Moura in Ribeirão Preto São Paulo, Brazil. Master Robson returned to his roots to get ready for the ADCC competition in England next month. After a very hard week of training Saturday all the affiliates in São Paulo descended on Ribeirão Preto for a day of training, sharing, and promotions.

RMNU’s newest Black Belt is Rodrigo Cazon. He has trained with RMNU for 15 years and today reached a milestone. Rodrigo trains 5 days a week and is a joy to train with. Congratulation Rodrigo on a job well done!

Marcelo Finotti, one of the 3 main instructos in Ribeirão Preto (along with Andre Ushirobira and Jean Rotondaro) received his 1st degree Black Belt today from Master Robson. Training with Marcelo is like rolling with water! His technical knowledge is passed on to all his students daily. His devotion to RMNU is evident in all he does! Congratulation Professor Finotti.

Andre Ushirobira, the first Black Belt from RMNU Ribeirão Preto, today received his 3rd degree Black Belt. Andre recently won Silver in the Master’s World Championships in Rio. Adrea lives for RMNU Jiu Jitsu everyday. He trains his mind and body continuously for perfection. Andre travels extensively around the globe representing RMNU while teaching and training. Andre is a superior BJJ player, teacher, and mentor. He goes above and beyond to teach students of all ages from kids to students in their 50s and beyond. He truly believes jiu jitsu has a place in everyone’s life. Congratulations Professor Ushirobira!

Robson Moura will be back in competition next month in England for the ADCC Championships. This will be his second appearance at ADCC. He is currently training in Brazil gearing up for the competition. Thank you Master Moura for your guidance, commitment, and integrity. You truly are a Master!