Robson Moura Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu – 2011 Award Winners

Robson Moura is pleased to announce the following winners for RMNU 2011:

Competitor of the year: J.D. Shelley, Black Belt of North Dallas Mixed Martial Arts – Dallas, Texas

Student of the Year: Ed LeMonnier, Blue Belt, Henry BJJ – Bloomington, Illinois

Teacher of the Year: Scott MacLean, Purple Belt – FitPlus MMA, Halifax, Canada

School of the Year: Daniel Sterling Mixed Martial Arts Academy, Dan Sterling, Blue Belt – North Attleboro, Massachusets

It was hard to pick winners from all of our schools, as we have so many talented and hard working instructors and students. I have been so lucky to have all your schools part of my Association and I am so excited to train with you this year and see where we go in 2012. Thank you for all your hard work in helping our program grow, for supporting your students and training them the RMNU way. I challenge each school, each instructor, each student to be the best they can be this year – and really help us to continue growing the RMNU brand. I want to see RMNU in your schools and competitions, and everywhere! Happy New Year – and good training to everyone, oss!

Muito Obrigado,
Robson “RobiƱho” Moura
11220 Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, Florida 33635
Phone- (813) 855 1760

Award Winner Video