RMNU Radio 2.0 Episode 2 Tony Hodge

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Episode 02 – Tony Hodge

This episode continues on the idea that there is a greater force at work and that the people that come into your life were meant to be there. Whether they came into your life early on or several decades down the road.

Tony shares how his path crossed with John Graybeal. In addition he talks about the fateful day that was meant for Tony and I to be training partners.

Moving forward with the RMNU Radio 2.0 shows, I would like to interview teammates, coaches, Professors as well as parents. Please send me your suggestions for future guests and I will reach out to their circle of friends to obtain additional information about them, especially what they like to do when they are not on the mats before setting up the interview.

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-Coach Ed
RMNU Brown BeltĀ 

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