RMNU 2010 Awards

RMNU is pleased to announce the following:

Josef Manuel

Issac Chavez

Kahana Cordeiro

Jeff Mitchell

Competitor of the year: Josef Manuel, Black Belt

Student of the Competitor of the year: Josef Manuel, Black Belt-Cutting Edge BJJ

Student of the Year: Issac Chavez, Brown Belt-Cutting Edge Bjj

Teacher of the Year: Kahana Cordeiro, Brown Belt-New Life BJJ

School of the Year: Elite BJJ, Jeff Mitchell, Black Belt

In looking through the awards categories and our excellent schools, instructors and students, it was a very difficult decision as there have been so many great accomplishments across our RMNU members!   It has been an outstanding year at RMNU, each of you have made contributions in different ways and have helped your students grow, shared your expertise with other instructors and really shown what RMNU BJJ family is all about.  You have pushed us to improve and we expect many more great accomplishments next year!