RMNU Green t-shirt – NEW and great for St. Patty’s Day!

Looking for a new great RMNU shirt?  Pick one of these up – make your mark in the world and have a little fun at St. Patrick’s Day too!

new RMNU green shirt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Training with Robson Moura

Wish you could train and move like Robson Moura?

Want to find new techniques to add to your game, new ways to improve your conditioning and sparring?   Robson is launching a new video training program – with over 700 videos (and growing) – organized to help you maximize your Jiu Jitsu journey.   Each week, he will add videos from his classes, his sparring sessions and more – including seminar footage.  Available now and we’ll continue updating regularly – so sign up today!

Robson Moura on The BJJ Mental Coach

Have you faced challenges in your life?  How have you pushed forward to succeed?   Get more inspiration from Robson as he talks with Gustavo Dantas on how he got where he is today, starting from a young kid in the favelas of Brazil – to running a successful BJJ association.

EP 10 – What can YOU do? | IBJJF Hall of famer Robson Moura

RMNU Tampa Camp – October 26-28th – Time to train!

Our 7th annual Training Camp is coming up soon – with even more black belts, even more room to train and as always – a lot of fun and learning!   Get your registration in early to hold your spot – we are going to make this another big event.    If you are looking for top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training with a great family style -you need to be at this Camp!

RMNU Camp 2018 – TAMPA

Robson Moura Growing his YouTube Channel – More Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Videos!

Did you know Robson has a great YouTube channel?  Learn innovative techniques from the 8X World Champion, and listen as he shares his thoughts on Jiu Jitsu, how to train and how to enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to it’s fullest!    Check it out and be sure to subscribe for updates!


Robson Moura and his YouTube channel – looking for you!

RMNU Online Training

Coming soon – Robson will be uploading videos weekly from his classes in Tampa.  We will be making these available for a subscription through our Vimeo library – and will be added to our existing video selections.  Take a look at our Vimeo On Demand library for over 700 videos available now – and watch for more information soon!

Online Training Videos

RMNU Training Camp 2017 – Another great time!

The 6th Annual RMNU Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp had over 125 people in attendance, 15+ black belts on the mats and was excellent!  More than 20 hours of instruction, team bowling and dinners – with a lot of laughs.  From green belt to black belt promotions – everyone learned, had fun and got to meet new friends.   Our instructors can’t wait until next year to see you on the mats with us!

#RMNU #brazilianjiujitsu #BJJ #BJJFamily

Prayers and Thoughts to RMNU Florida Families!

As the hurricanes bear down on Florida, we wish the best for everyone across the state.   Be safe, be strong and keep an eye out to where you may be able to help another in their times of need!   BJJ family means we care for others – both in and out of the gym!   #RMNU #IRMA

2017 RMNU Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp

Robson Moura is excited to be hosting the 6th Annual RMNU Training Camp!  October 27-29th, with a variety of high level black belts both teaching and on the mats – this will be another great training opportunity and good time!   We will have social events after camp, each day will offer 6-8 hours of training and open mat time – it just doesn’t get better than this!

Sign up now here to hold your spot – if you sign up before September 15 – you’ll get a free Camp t-shirt too!

2017 RMNU Canda Camp – Aaron Morris

June 23-25th – our 3rd annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp will be at Grants MMA in Toronto, Canada.  Aaron Morris of World Class Martial Arts will be teaching at the camp and hopes you will join us!