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Looking for great BJJ videos from a variety of experts? How about details on the butterfly guard from Robson Moura? Then check out – a wide number of experts across gi and no-gi techniques – a ton of wisdom available. Check out the clip here, and if you are wanting more from Robson – take a look at his Vimeo On Demand library.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Videos from the RMNU 2016 Camp

After another very successful RMNU 2016 Training Camp – with over 10 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts on the mats – Robson Moura is pleased to offer over 2.5 hours of training videos – available here –> RMNU Training Camp videos
A wide variety of techniques and styles shared – great learning opportunity! rmnucampsvids

RMNU Training Camp 2016 – Another Great One!

rmnu-campAnother excellent RMNU Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp in Tampa, Florida! Over 100 people on the mats, enjoying great training, fun, and many well deserved promotions! Next year – we go even bigger – so be ready! Professor Josef Manuel of Cutting Edge BJJ in New Jersey shares his thoughts in this Camp Recap on Vimeo– please share with your friends and we will see you in Tampa for the 2017 Camp!

RMNU 5th Annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp – Almost here!

Robson Moura, Jean Rotondaro, Marcelo Finotti, Ricardo Abreu, Leandro Azarra, Josef Manuel, Jeff Mitchell – a roster of incredible Brazilian Jiu Jitsu talent! All will be teaching in Tampa, October 21-23 at the RMNU Training Camp – it’s going to be a great time! The schedule is now”>available – and there are still spots open – so make sure you sign up this week! Incredible training, good times, BJJ family – this is not to be missed! camp-schedule

RMNU 5th Annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp!

Once again, high level RMNU black belts gather in Tampa Florida for the RMNU Training Camp!  For the 5th Annual Camp, Robson will be joined by his black belts Jean Rotandaro, Marcelo Finotti, Josef Manuel and Jeff Mitchell – with additional guest instructors announced soon.    Sign up now under Events on the Robson store – and get ready for great training!

5th Annual RMNU Training Camp2

RMNU Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Canada Camp – 2016 – success!

With 9 black belts on the mats, over 85 people in attendance – the 2nd Annual RMNU Canada Camp was certainly a success!  Held at Evolution Martial Arts Fitness Academy, Robson Moura was joined by Bruno Bastos, Jeff Mitchell and Heath Chapman as primary instructors.  Students spent 3 days learning a wide variety of techniques, including Judo for BJJ and a breakout class on no-gi grappling.   Thanks to all who made the journey to Toronto, and those who hosted and came to support RMNU Canada!    See you next year – or – at the RMNU Camp in Tampa Oct 21-23!

RMNU Canada Camp 2016 - Toronto

RMNU Canada Camp 2016 – Toronto

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program – Robson Moura Tampa HQ

Kids – are you looking for something fun this summer?  Check out Robson Moura’s new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program for kids – a great opportunity for you (and your parents!) to get some training, have fun and meet new people!   You can sign up online – and for questions – call the school at 813-815-1760 – and have a great summer!

Kids love Jiu Jitsu and fitness - they can do both at Robson Moura Tampa HQ!

Kids love Jiu Jitsu and fitness – they can do both at Robson Moura Tampa HQ!

Robson Moura Announces 2016 Canada Camp – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Toronto!

The 2nd Annual RMNU Canada Camp will be at Evolution BJJ in Toronto – June 10-12th! Last year, we had over 65 people on the mat, multiple black belts and a great time was had by all. This year – more mat time, more instructors – and even more fun!  Instructors will include Robson, Bruno Bastos, Jeff Mitchell, Heath Chapman, Toma Dragicevic and Domenic Passero!   We are also planning a no-gi breakout session – stay tuned for details – and sign up now!!

Robson Moura and blak belts - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Canada!

Robson Moura and blak belts – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Canada!

Canada students, see your instructors to sign up, American students – – under Events. Don’t miss out – it will be another training experience of a lifetime!

6th Fusion Seminar – Robson Moura and Gustavo Dantas – Excellence in physical and mental Jiu Jitsu

Robson Moura and Gustavo Dantas invite you to the 6th Fusion seminar in Tampa, March 5th! This is an incredible training opportunity for both your physical and mental Jiu Jitsu game –
To sign up or learn more! gustavo-robson

Hear from Gustavo Dantas for more detail on this great event.

Robson Moura 5th Degree Promotion Ceremony – December 5th

December 5th, at RMNU Braziian Jiu Jitsu Headquarters in Tampa, Florida – Robson Moura will be hosting a seminar with his first BJJ instructor, Alison Henrique Brites (Jucao)! As a part of this great opportunity, Robson will also be receiving his 5th stripe, signifying 19 years as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt! Sign up now online at Jucao Seminar – don’t miss two amazing events in one!

Alison Henrique Brites - Jucao

Alison Henrique Brites – Jucao