Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Jiu Jitsu is a very unique martial art. Robson believes the best way to learn is one on one with private lessons. Getting stuck in class with only 15 minutes of learning a day does not support fast learning.  Sometimes your partners can not give you the correct defense. You learn something in class and only find that when you use it against someone else your success was short lived.   That is why he wants to be your partner.   Each time you drill a position he will not let you make a mistake. Your learning starts with Robson as your partner and you develop skills that will last forever.

Do you have a position that gives you trouble like escaping side control or defending the guard pass? This is where private lessons can take years off your training. Drill guard defenses with the best in the world.  Robson becomes your personal training partner – that is how you get good fast!   To Be a Champion, you have to Train with a Champion!

Pick up the phone and call right now to get started! We will help you reach your grappling goals.

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Do it today and see your game get better tomorrow!

Private Lessons with 7 time World Champion Robson Moura

Academy Members $150/hour
Non Academy Members $175/hour

Private lessons are also available with other certified instructors

Black Belt Instructor
Academy Members $100/hour
Non Academy Members $125/hour

Brown Belt Instructor
Academy Members $80/hour
Non Academy Members $100/hour

Purple Belt Instructor
Academy Members $60/hour
Non Academy Members $80/hour

Blue Belt Instructor
Academy Members $40/hour
Non Academy Members $60/hour


“I’ve spent 122 hours of private lessons with Master Moura in the last 6 months. Within a year and a half after Blue Belt Robson promoted me to Purple Belt. After just 2 years total in the sport! He skyrocketed my learning. I can enthusiastically recommend private lesson to anyone who really wants to learn and learn fast!

John Graybeal, BJJ Brown Belt