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Remember we are a martial arts Academy that teaches Jiu-Jitsu our environment is that which builds upon a martial arts tradition.

When entering the Academy you are required to collect your attendance card located to the left as you enter the training floor. Please take this card and give to your instructor. If your attendance card is missing please inform your instructor. We will remove your card if there is an administrative requirement that needs to be met or a message that needs to be passed onto you.

All Class Requirements
Optional strongly recommended equipment: knee pads, mouthpiece, and cup and supporter.

Gi Class Requirements
White belts are required to wear a clean and washed white gi with academy patches over a rash guard.

Blue belts and above are required to wear any color clean and washed gi with the pants and top of same color with academy patches over rash guard.

No-Gi Class Requirements
All are required to wear a clean and washed Robson Moura Academy rash guard, gi pants, or grappling shorts.

Brazilian JuJitsu is a very individual sport. No two people perform every move the same. Therefore, the requirements for a rank are not the same for everyone. Student A could learn 4 certain sweeps and sweep everyone. Student B could learn 4 different sweeps and use those 4 different sweeps to enjoy the same success as student A. That is where a great teacher comes in. Robson is a master instructor. He can look at your game and modify everything to fit you, your body, and ability. He then evaluates your performance base on you! Not what other people are doing. So is there a curriculum for Jiu Jitsu? No, not in the traditional sense. There are requirements and performance goals, but there is no way to show you a piece of paper and say this is what you need to know for each rank.

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Jiu Jitsu is a very unique martial art. Robson believes the best way to learn is one on one. Getting stuck in class with only 15 minutes of learning a day does not support fast learning. Sometimes your partners can not give you the correct defense. You learn something in class and only find that when you use it against someone else your success was short lived. That is why he wants to be your partner. Each time you drill a position he will not let you make a mistake. Your learning starts with Robson as your partner and you begin to develop skills that will last forever. Do you have a position that gives you trouble such as escaping side control or defending the guard pass? This is where private lessons can take years off your training. Drill guard defenses with the best in the world. Robson becomes your dedicated training partner – Now that is how you get good fast!

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