Accelerated Learning Program

Accelerated Learning Program: jiu-jitsu at a whole new level!

This is Robson’s top of the line program, where Robson breaks down Jiu Jitsu like no other. From the first time you step on the mat with him, you will realize that he is no normal teacher. First, Robson will roll with you to discover many things about you. This investigation will give him an initial idea about: your flexibility, your cardio, your hip movement, your style, your strengths, your weaknesses, and finally your skill level. From this Robson will create a personalized game-plan that will be executed throughout your training. Over the course of 18 years he has determined that a 10 hour program will provide you techniques that will be implemented into your game forever. This is the minimum time that will deliver the maximum benefit working one on one for excellence in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Step 1 – The initial fix of any major errors
Step 2 – Establish YOUR level one positions (these are the initial positions that are created for you)
Step 3 – Execute your level one positions
Step 4 – Your execution of the above positions will be drilled with Robson so that you can not make any mistakes. If you can execute these positions against him you will be able to do it against anyone.
Step 4 – Create a memorization pattern that will engrain each position into your game forever
Step 5 – Move on to YOUR level two positions

This continues over your 10 lessons. The cost of this program includes access to all the training classes at the Academy while you are there.


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Seminars are available for Association Members and non members at your location. If you are an association member it also includes 1hour FREE private lesson for the host. Travel and accommodations are in addition to the cost. Check out the events calendar and call today to schedule your next seminar.

NEW FULL SERVICE seminar assistance. We now offer full service assistance with your seminar. We will take care of it all. Flier, Advertising, Advanced sign-ups, travel arrangements, scheduling, participation certificates, t-shirts. We take all the pressure off of the host and allow for a relaxed seminar visit where Jiu Jitsu is the priority and not coordination!

Group Classes

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Classes are available at the academy in Tampa,Fl.

Hiring an Association Instructor

Each instructor of the Association is personally trained by Robson Moura. Robson is the primary instructor that will guide you on your journey. For those who would like a full time instructor Robson hand picks the perfect teacher for your school and operation.

Private Lessons

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Jiu-jitsu is a very unique martial art. Robson believes the best way to learn is one on one. Getting stuck in class with only 15 minutes of learning a day does not support fast learning. Sometimes your partners can not give you the correct defense. You learn something in class and only find that when you use it against someone else your success was short lived. That is why he wants to be your partner. Each time you drill a position he will not let you make a mistake. Your learning starts with Robson as your partner and you begin to develop skills that will last forever. Do you have a position that gives you trouble such as escaping side control or defending the guard pass? This is where private lessons can take years off your training. Drill guard defenses with the best in the world. Robson becomes your dedicated training partner – Now that is how you get good fast!

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