Kickboxing Program

Our Qualified instructor combines real techniques and cardio conditioning, to get you in the best shape of your life!
Benefits of Kickboxing
  • Cardio & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Balance & Flexibility
  • Stress Relief
Self Defense
Our knowledgable instructors will guide you through effective techniques. You will also practice situational drills designed to prepare you to defend against a physical attacker.


Answers to Common Questions About Kickboxing

Who will I spar with?

You will usually get paired up with someone of the same size and skill level. The instructors are always keeping an eye out for safety reasons. If for some reason you don't feel comfortable sparring with someone you can always pass. It's up to you, we want to make sure everyone is training in a comfortable safe environment.

Is Kickboxing Safe?

Kickboxing is a martial art and sport. It carries the same possibility of injury as other sports. The instructors do everything possible to make sure that students train carefully. We do recommend safety gear such as a mouthguard and cup to avoid the most common injuries.

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