Robson Moura Jiu Jitsu Association

Why join the Robson Moura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association?

Refreshing new way to network and learn

You get more than just training – you get a BJJ family, who will help you with your game. Other Associations give you a listing on their web site. Robson’s Association is different because he want to make you the best you can be, as an instructor and as a school leader. Looking to jumpstart your Jiu Jitsu? His Accelerated Learning Program puts you on the fast track. Think about how much learning really takes place in a typical 1.5 hour group lesson? Maybe 15 minutes. Our training program focuses on maximizing your learning and retention.

This Association is about You

There are numerous Jiu Jitsu Associations out there. This one is one of a kind! It is designed for you. To make you better. To make your Jiu Jitsu better. To make you a better teacher, coach, and instructor. To make your business better. Talk to any of our affiliate members – they’ll tell you why they joined – and why they stay!

Why is this program chosen by experienced martial artist?

There are a lot of BJJ teachers. There are a few that are considered the best in the world. Robson is considered by many to be both the best fighter and the best teacher. His Association takes you well beyond showing techniques. This is a program that prepares YOU to be a teacher and or fighter. Lessons after lessons are provided to you to get better FAST. If you understand every possible position, as Robson does, you can cut to the chase and bring what some call “Real Jiu Jitsu” home.

Questions to Ask when Choosing an Association

1. Does the Head of the Association teach you?
2. Does the Head of the Association spar with you?
3. Does the Association provide you teaching material?
4. Does the Association provide you support to grow your classes?
5. Does the Association provide you direct access to the Head of the Association?
6. Does the Association provide you an opportunity for intensive training?
7. Does the Association provide you with opportunity for a visiting black belt?
8. Does the Association provide you business assistance?
9. Does the Association offer you discounts for all services?
10. Does the Association have a 8 time world champion?

The Robson Moura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association answers YES to all of the above questions. Robson will be your direct guide and training partner throughout your journey.

The Team

Robson “Robinho” Moura – RMNU Founder and Head Instructor

Alessandra Moura – Assistant Instructor

John Graybeal- RMNU Vice President

Doug Kimball – RMNU Association/Operations Director